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Good Day Sean & Keo

I have been waiting for the perfect moment to send through this email, I hadn't found it until now.. I have worked with many recruitment agents and I strongly feel, it would be wrong of me if I don't extend the level of my gratitude to both of you.  

When I was in doubt, you motivated me all the time. I could call you guys screaming out of panic on the phone before and after an interview and you always calmed me down, assured me that whatever I had to bring to the table was always enough, and that I am great & will be fine.. even though I wasn't successful at XXX, you made me walk away with a smile, it was a race worth running and even though I didn't get the job but I won is so many other aspects of personal growth and believing more in myself that I am great and my ideal job would come.  

So, having said all of that, I would like to thank both of you for all the motivation, chats and just making me believe in myself again. I will always recommend Career Hunters to job seekers that I come across, you guys are such an amazing recruitment agent and I wish you all the best for the future, may the universe continue giving you opportunities to touch peoples lives the way to touched mine. 

Take Care & Much love


Hi Sean, it was lovely meeting you. I would like to commend you for your great personality and being a hands on and thorough recruiter - candidate

 "Hi Carol-Anne,
My boss was very impressed with the service Career Hunters gave his friend’s son (the CA you placed recently). Word has got out, and now my boss’s brother (who is also one of my work colleagues) would like your assistance please in finding a suitable placement for his daughter, who’s CV I have attached. (My boss’s niece)" - client
"Carol-Anne, I don't know how to thank you but through my blessings God is with you,thanx a mil" JP - client

"Good afternoon Melissa, I would like to commend you and your company for the most professional service, and even Gavin (client) at xxxxx acknowledged it. Thank you, Jenny" - candidate placed

"If you are looking for a really good, reliable and honest agent, please email Emma Parker at Career Hunters. I have dealt with her for a couple of years, and she’s great! - client

Good Day
I would like to thank the Career Hunters Team, for such a quick responce and for keeping me up to speed and prepared for my next appointment with the client in Rivonia - candidate

"Hi Cathrine
I really just want to say THANK YOU once again for all the help with acquiring the interview for me at XXX.  i am really glad they have offered me a position and I have you to thank for that" - candidate

"We were both very impressed with the candidates and also the level of professionalism you guys have.  It is such a pleasure to recommend someone and you only get good feedback from people – thanks for that" - client

"Hi Cathrine, hope you are doing well. I dealt with you before and would like you to add me on your list of job seekers again. I think you are a dynamic group of people who are professional and trustworthy" - candidate

"Thank you for the opportunity you provided me to work with XXXXX, I have been busy since I got here. I’m really enjoying every minute of it the people are friendly & as for my manager she is really a darling. I couldn’t have chosen a better place myself its extremely exciting & looking forward to a fruitful relationship with the company" - candidate

"XXXX from XXXXX (existing client) has recommended that I contact you re recruiting" - client

"Team, I'm so humbled and owe you a debt of gratitude. This opportunity I have is only because you all made it possible. I wish you nothing but prosperity in the work enviroment" - candidate

Hi Emma, I must tell you, your company was highlighted in one of our meetings about the quality of cv’s we receive from you and the lay out and structure, the references etc.
So Well done to all of you at Career Hunter but especially you.. " - client

"Hi Cathrine,
I wanted to thank you for all the effort you put in leading up to my employ at XXX.I was initially doubtful of the whole move, but, have not looked back since day one! Again, many thanks" - candidate

"I hope you guys can assist me as I must say that, out of many companies I’ve phoned, Melisa was so helpful and friendly…wow!" - candidate

"Thank you for the excellent candidates you have sourced for us. I am sure we will have a fantastic future with these staff members on board" - client

"I don't know where to start but I will like to take opportunity to thank you guys for giving me this chance and for believing in me. I thank you for the patience you have with us job seekers. I am so grateful and I'm honoured for the position that I've recently appointed too at XXXXX because of you I have a career now not a job. I promise I won't let you down, I will work very hard and prove myself to you and the company. To all the team of Career Hunters and especially to Mellisa for even considering me for the position. Today I'm the happiest person on earth. Keep up the good work and may God bless you and your families" - candidate

"Please be assured that if we have any placement requirements we will always consider your candidates first.There is no reason we would look elsewhere. Thanks for the great candidates thus far and hopefully we keep getting them" - client

"I am extremly happy with the placements to date. We are expecting some accounts to commit soon and will revert with requirements as we need them, Antoinette has certainly been the find of the year and we are working very well together" - client

"Seeing that you have proven to be a top recruitment agency i'm sure you will grow and be successful. I will be sending tons of people to you, friends, strangers in order to contribute to the growth of your business. I must say you are outstanding at what you do" - candidate

"Thank you for the fantastic efforts in getting me the interview.  This is most appreciated. I must add that I have been to many agents and you guys are definitely the best.  Your compassion, humility and drive has been overwhelming and this will only take your business from strength to strength" - candidate

"I prefer to use you, as you send me good candidates and I receive great service from you" - client

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and Emma for the excellent service I have received from both of you. I am sure this employment will be long and mutually beneficial to both the company you have placed me with and myself" - candidate

"Thank you for sending through wonderful candidates – it looks like it was a tough choice!" - client

"Thank you to you and Emma for all your time and effort to get me this position.
THANK YOU VERY MUCH" - candidate

"I wanted to wait out for 2 months before giving feedback. She is FANTASTIC. I could not have found a better candidate that fits in our team & organization. Thank you very much for recommending her to our company" - client

"I arrived at my new company this morning, and was welcomed with open arms.I definetely think I made the right career move, and look forward to getting "stuck-in".Thank you, Emma & Sian, for your perserverance on this, your efforts are greatly appreciated"- candidate

"Thank you for your professional approach in recruiting – you’re truly a pleasure to work with and you obviously take the trouble to search for candidates that fit into our culture and position profile" - client

"I just wanted to thank you and Career Hunters for your help and professionalism. Especially at this time of the year" - candidate

"Thank you so much for the caliber candidate you send – you really seem to understand our culture and the kind of personality that fits into our organization. The picture on the CV’s and the reference checks are also such a plus" - client

"I just wanted to thank you once again for your help and commitment you gave me these last few weeks" - client

"I would like to thank you for putting me forward for this position and I know I will grow in leaps and bounds in this organization" - candidate
"Keep an eye out for more staff like xxxx as he has made a good impression on everyone and my boss wants more staff from you" - client

"I was referred to your agency, by xxxxxxx, who works for xxxxxxx in the Human Resources department.  She advises that your company does placements quickly, due to it being extremely professional, competent and provides excellent service" - candidate